The first scientist who gave visibility to the Mediterranean Diet was Ancel Keys (1904 – 2004). He was an American biologist and physiologist, expert in epidemiology and nutrition at the University of Minnesota. With a huge study called “Seven Country Study” he examined the relationship between the eating habits and the cardiovascular diseases in different regions of the word.
The study highlights how nutrition plays a central role in the etiology of cardiovascular diseases and identifies the Mediterranean Diet as the best form of prevention for this kind of diseases.
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Today the main goal of the research is to better understand the relationship between diet and diseases. The studies on the Mediterranean Diet aim to analyze two main aspects:

  • beneficial effects of the Diet
  • increase the cultivation and production techniques and to increase the sustainability as much as possible.

It has been proved that there is a relationship between diet and the etiology of many diseases. The Mediterranean Diet has proved to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, tumors, sarcopenia (loss of skeletal muscle mass, strength and quality associated with aging), metabolic syndrome and many others.
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