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The dolium (pl. dolia) was a huge vase, made of clay, used by ancient Romans to transport goods, particularly wine and oil, throughout the Mediterranean basin. Today Dolia Imports has the ambition to bring the excellence of the Mediterranean diet all over the world.
The aim of Dolia is to guide consumers into every aspect of the Mediterranean diet, from the food to the healthy life style. To do that we work closely with the “Fondazione Dieta Mediterranea”.

Diet and nutrition

We select the finest foods from all over the Mediterranean basin, with a particular focus on Italian products.  Mediterranean taste and aroma. From Italian artisans to American tables.

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Mediterranean diet recipes

Scopri le video-ricette consigliate dagli esperti della Fondazione Dieta Mediterranea.

Snapper Baked in Foil

Pasta and beans

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